The Colossal Cube

Located in the LMG Las Vegas Studio, the Colossal Cube boasts a massive 50 ft. wide LED floor, 19 ft. high LED walls, and a 31 ft. stage depth. The stunning LED cube has over 21 million pixels and delivers an immersive environment on an unprecedented scale.

The Colossal Cube features Roe 3mm LED walls and a Roe 4mm Matte Finish LED floor that can support the weight of a car, making the studio ideal for corporate, TV, and entertainment style shoots alike.

Powered by Brompton processing, stYpe camera tracking, Unreal Engine, disguise rx and vx4 servers, the Colossal Cube provides a turnkey, ready-to-go system to bring your XR content to life. With dedicated lighting, audio and video master control rooms, the studio offers full-XR capabilities while also offering non-XR packages, providing a variety of creative options.

This one-of-a-kind studio can support a multitude of events such as award shows, company meetings, music videos, concerts, and more. Located inside the LMG Las Vegas Studio, the Colossal Cube offers high-end amenities for both corporate and entertainment clients, including three production offices, an artist suite with a bathroom and large shower, artist dressing rooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a breakroom, 24-hour access, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. The LMG Las Vegas Studio is only minutes from the Las Vegas International Airport with a large selection of hotels for crew, artists and presenters.



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