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Now you have the opportunity to explore a career at LMG. Join the hard-working and passionate team that delivers unparalleled audiovisual support to events around the world.

/extraordinary/ adjective 1. Unusually great. 2. Remarkable, exceptional, amazing, astounding, sensational.

All kinds of people work at LMG. We are stronger through diversity and we are united through our like-minded approach to go above and beyond. Some of the qualities that make for an extraordinary LMG employee are below. Are you Extraordinary?

Heart & zeal

We’re firm believers that you can always train for skill, but not for talent and passion. Our team is made of individuals who bring energy and passion to their roles above all else. In our fast-paced, ever-changing environment, Zeal for the job is a must.


Building a team of overachievers is one sure-fire way to really get things done. Being skilled is one thing, but a team member who can successfully plan and execute tasks to a high standard is extremely important. Having go-getters on our team helps to accelerate growth, fuels ideas and keeps things moving.


Mindset is everything. Employees who come into work fresh and energetic everyday are going to outperform their peers. Upbeat and optimistic employees create a better work environment for everyone and make for an enjoyable journey when pursuing that end goal.


We’re looking for employees who take action and take chances. While chances may lead to failure, more often it leads to success and molds confidence. We consider failures an opportunity to learn.


Nothing great is accomplished easily. Nothing great is accomplished alone. Team players are a vital part of our company. We don’t go home until the work is done. A 9 – 5 mentality just won’t do.

“I’m a pretty smart guy, but I don’t know everything and I certainly can’t do everything. So I surround myself with smart, talented people who know what I don’t, can do what I can’t, and are committed to our company and its mission.”

Les Goldberg

/swag/ noun 1. Stuff we all get. 2. A very confident attitude or manner.


Our comprehensive employee wellness program provides employees with the tools they need to take control of their health. Employees participate in fun and motivational activities focused on improving health and well-being. Our benefits package includes medical, dental and vision coverage for employees and their dependents.


We care about what you care about. We partner with employees to identify causes they are passionate about and allow for opportunities to contribute and participate in ways to support our communities. Did you know that all proceeds of Les’ book Don’t Take No for an Answer: Anything is Possible, goes to St. Jude’s Research Hospital?


We are a learning organization that values continuous improvement.  We believe that each person carries and develops a distinct “puzzle piece” through their lives that embodies their strengths and allows them to contribute to the team in ways only they can.


Relationships are what keeps our company strong. One benefit of having amazing coworkers is enjoying each other’s company, and we make up some good excuses to have fun together. From bbq’s, book clubs and scavenger hunts to gratitude Friday’s. And don’t forget our legendary holiday party.


LMG continues to grow at a rapid pace. Whether it’s expanding to new locations, advancing our products and services or venturing into new markets, there is never a shortage of opportunities to develop, advance and thrive.


Safety First! We are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible workplace safety standards. No shortcuts here. Our commitment to promoting a culture of safety includes a team approach from employees and management, ongoing safety education and training, and regular evaluation of safety activities.

Extraordinary People

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Internships That Kick Start Your Career

LMG offers internship opportunities throughout the company for college students who have demonstrated academic commitment and success, leadership, and organizational involvement.

Our internship opportunities are designed to provide individuals with first-hand experience in their area of study, as well as learn about LMG’s business operations and culture. You will be mentored and coached by leaders in our organization, and have the potential for future part-time or full-time opportunities with LMG.

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