Negotiating With Venues on the Return of Live Events

David Sonntag from Decibel Event Management, Lauren Chelf from AOAC International and Diane Kovats from International Society for Computational Biology share their insight on negotiations with venues on the return of live events in Les Goldberg’s weekly podcast.

The Return of Technical Labor

Les Goldberg talks with Greg Decker from Production Support Services, Bobby Harris from Turnkey Event Labor and Gene Martinez from Audio Visual Technical Support, Inc about their thoughts on the return of technical labor associated with the return of live events.

Reflecting on the last 37 years

37th podcast, 37th anniversary! Roles are reversed as Les Goldberg gets interviewed by Dave John from ETP in his latest podcast reflecting on the last 37 years.

Why LED Is Important in a Virtual World

Les Goldberg talks with Jason Metcalfe from Sony Electronics, Neil Morrison from Systems Innovation by LMG and David Luchsinger from BrainHub powering ETP about why LED is important in a virtual world in his latest podcast.