LMG Integrates L-Acoustics’ New L Series

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Show Technology

LMG is excited to announce their purchase of L-Acoustics’ L Series, featuring the L2 and L2D speakers. With patented Progressive Ultra-Dense Line Source (PULS) technology, this series is designed to deliver exceptional sonic clarity, integrated cardioid technology, and rapid rigging and deployment, making it an ideal solution for diverse events. As part of this purchase, LMG recently held an exclusive L-Acoustics certified training session to ensure their staff is fully prepared and equipped with the necessary skills.

The L Series consists of two integrated elements, the L2 and L2D. These components are engineered to operate together seamlessly or independently. Powering the L Series is theadvanced LA7.16 high-resolution touring amplified controller, specifically designed to provide 16 channels of high-power amplification and sophisticated processing for the L2 and L2D elements. With integrated cardioid technology, L-VENTS, DOSC, and PANFLEX features, these speakers offer remarkable control over sound directionality and dispersion, ensuring optimal coverage and clarity in any venue.

The LA7.16 controllers housed within the new LA-RAK III touring rack, offer an impressive 48 channels of amplification in a Milan AVB-ready package, boasting more than 60,000 watts of power in a compact 9U form factor. Leveraging the high-resolution amplification of LA7.16 and the advanced Autosolver tools, the L Series output can be perfectly modulated to achieve results that were previously unattainable with traditional line array technology. These lightweight yet robust speakers, paired with the LA-RAK III, are the ultimate choice for those seeking uncompromising audio performance.

Robby Schlegel, LMG’s Audio Systems Manager, praised the efficiency of the L Series, stating,

“The clarity and cohesiveness of the sound are exceptional with the L2 speakers. There’s a nice musicality and timber to the boxes that is characteristic of other L-Acoustics products but taken to a higher level. They really hit it out of the park with this box. The tightness and uniformity across both the vertical and horizontal coverage area are very impressive.”

Highlighting L-Acoustics’ track record for high-performance audio solutions, Schlegel added,

“L-Acoustics has consistently delivered speakers and amplifiers we can rely on to meet our clients’ sound requirements.”

Shane Smith, LMG’s Senior Director of Technology, emphasized L-Acoustics’ commitment to innovation, stating,

“L-Acoustics has always been ahead of the curve with technology and innovation. They’re always growing, always improving and setting the bar in the industry for the new standard.”

As an L-Acoustics house with over 25 years of dedication and a fully certified team, LMG is committed to providing top-tier audio experiences and is excited to be one of the first vendors in North America to receive the technology. The addition of the L Series cements their pursuit to consistently go beyond technology.

For more information about LMG’s purchase of L-Acoustics L Series and their commitment to flawless execution, please visit LMG’s website.


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