LMG Enhances Live Event Experiences with New HazeBase Touring 2 Foggers

by | May 20, 2024 | Show Technology

LMG has become the first company in the United States to acquire the new HazeBase Touring 2 foggers. With the addition of 30 units to their inventory. LMG reaffirms its commitment to flawless execution, pushing beyond the boundaries of technology.

The HazeBase Touring 2 units each hold a 2600-Watt high output fogger and a 700W controllable fan. The machines reach full operation in less than 14 minutes and can be controlled via DMX or built-in timers, offering unparalleled control and flexibility in creating atmospheric effects.

Unique to the Touring 2 model is the option for single or double fogger configurations. This allows for a customizable output, ranging from a subtle haze to a dense fog, capable of filling large venues quickly and efficiently. The double fogger configuration is particularly beneficial for large-scale events requiring substantial atmospheric effects.

LMG’s investment in HazeBase Touring 2 machines reflects their commitment to providing our clients with top-tier industry tools. Marc Cloutier, LMG’s Director of Lighting Systems states,

“We constantly seek ways to deliver unforgettable event
experiences to our clients, and our interactions with HazeBase’s customer service have been exceptionally positive. Their focus on hazers and foggers sets them apart in the industry, and our strong commitment to their products is reinforced by their proven reliability and the excellent customer service we’ve experienced.”


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