Ray LaMontagne

Supernova Tour

Singer-Songwriter Ray LaMontagne is on the road with LMG Touring in support of his fifth studio album Supernova, which was released earlier this year via RCA Records. The summer tour, originally set for three months but extended another five weeks due to its success, hits multiple cities across the United States and Canada.

LMG Touring and the production team worked closely together to capture the warmth of Ray’s music by using an upstage screen comprised of 170 8mm LED tiles and a custom circular screen. “Both screens are covered with a rear projection material to give them an organic ‘projection like’ aesthetic,” says Craig Mitchell, LMG’s Director of Touring.

Since planetary images were so influential to the stage design, the production team wanted a circular center as a “moon” to be crafted with an LED screen and separated from the rear steel frame to create a greater feeling of depth. However, designing the circular LED product was much harder to figure out than originally anticipated.

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