Pretty Lights

Red Rocks Shows

LMG Touring went on the road with Derek Vincent Smith, also known as Pretty Lights, as he lit up the stage at Red Rocks early August for two sold-out nights. Known for his hip-hop infused electronic music, the Colorado local was accompanied by a full live band and 13 members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for a diverse and unique display.

LMG Touring provided 240 18MM LED panels and 5 LED Globes to create the look the production team and artist desired.

The LED panels and globes transformed the stage to create a musically visual and artistic atmosphere. The set content focused on a city aesthetic, but could quickly change into a skyline with sun or stars then to another piece of artwork within seconds. The production team saw an opportunity to incorporate the unique technology into their design.

"Pretty Lights is very innovative on their approach to live production, creating an unforgettable experience for their fans delivering a one of a kind look at every show,” says Jimmy Russo, LMG’s Touring Account Executive.

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