The Under Pressure rapper, Logic incorporates his ever growing fan base as the inspiration behind his set. “This is a large co-headlining tour, so this particular tour really helps us expand his fan base,” states Chad Fellers-Doughty, Video Designer for Logic. “He has new music out, so it also allows him to go out and play it live for all of his fans.” The peace, love, and tranquility message Logic pitches to his audience makes him a unique rapper in hip-hop.

When choosing fixtures, it was important to be mindful of the different venues Logic would be performing at. “Since the majority of our shows are during the twilight hours in outdoor amphitheaters, we had to make a conscious decision when choosing the fixture types,”states Ryan Alexander, Lighting Designer for Logic. “We needed the fixtures to be able to be seen with some sunlight still present, so we decided to go with Robe Pointes and Phillip Nitro 510c’s.”

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