J. Cole

Forest Hills Drive Tour

LMG Touring is providing video, audio, and lighting for platinum recording artist J. Cole, on his Forest Hills Drive Tour. The popular summer tour is based off his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album. The tour’s theme follows the album’s title and cover photo, which allows for J. Cole to personally deliver his message to the crowd about his journey from childhood to stardom.

LMG’s 7.5 MM LED tiles were used to illuminate the custom staging elements, which mirror the mood and emotion of Cole’s performance to heighten the experience for his fans. The video elements of the show are enhanced by a powerful lighting design that features ROBE Pointes, VARI*LITE VL300 WASH, and Quantum Wash fixtures.

LMG hung twenty-four K1 cabinets supplemented by six K2 down fills, twelve L’Acoustics monitors and twenty SB 28 subs. The SSL 500 digital audio console handled every channel at FOH and the Digidesign Venue Profile 48 console was a workhorse for monitors.

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