Endless Summer Tour

Sooner Routhier, G-Eazy’s Production Designer developed the design concept for G-Eazy’s set, which is inspired by his classic and timeless style on and off the stage. “I was given a number of directions when putting together the preliminary design concepts for the tour. It ran the gamut of modern, clean silhouettes to 1980’s/early 90’s video distortion and film grain. It was challenging to find a happy medium between the two, but I believe we were able to achieve a cohesive look in the end,” explains Routhier.

“We wanted to make sure that we had massive lighting looks that are clean and efficient. The lighting key on the plot has only 4 or 5 types of fixtures. Just large amounts of them,” states Routhier. “It allows us to have clean air space with beams and color. So, when you turn on all the lights above the stage, there aren’t different types of beams contrasting one another. They all have the same zoom, the same color. It’s a very clean look.”

The all-star rap tour features 568 lighting fixtures including the Robe Pointe, SL Nitro, Elation 360i, Mythos, Wash Vari-Lite, and Robe Cycfx. “We use most of the features in the mythos so that the lights look different in most of the songs. There is also a large amount of the same types of fixtures,” says Routhier. “By turning on only certain groups of lights in each song, you create different shapes. The Elation 360i wall upstage allows us to create EDM style looks for a few songs as well as soft texture for the slower, more mellow tunes.”

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