Childish Gambino

Deep Web Tour

LMG Touring went on the road with Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, in support of his sophomore album “Because the Internet.” LMG Touring, the tour’s production team, and Moment Factory came together to produce an interactive and fully envisioned experience for the audience.

LMG provided the tour with a full lighting rig, Barco 18K Projectors, and AI Media Servers used to sync multiple layers of the set to create a sense of depth through projection mapping. The different projection surfaces included a back screen, two columns, front scrim or Kabuki, riser surfaces, and stage props. The tour provided the audience with animated sequences that took them on a ride through the Internet. The main set was the replication of the mansion, but would switch to include glitching schematics, haunted visuals, and a scene of Donald standing behind the thin scrim, which simulated rain around him. The lighting aspects included Martin Auras, VL3500 Spots and Sharpys. LMG’s Tyler GT pre-rigged Truss helped ease the load in/out process and kept the crew size to a minimum.

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