UF Heavener Hall

For the first time in the UF College of Business history, the undergraduate business programs and student activities will be housed under one roof. Heavener Hall, a state-of-the-art learning center, will create an unique community for undergraduate business students and enhance the school’s identity and overall student experience.

LMG installed complex audiovisual systems designed for Heavener Hall to provide high brightness HD projection systems for a variety of teaching spaces, including multiple lecture halls and general classrooms. These systems included automated audio, control and classroom recordings.

Within the hall, there are sixteen meeting rooms that give the students collaborative environments where information can be shared wirelessly on large screen displays. The student lobby features informational displays covering college activities, which includes a 24-foot stock ticker connected to Bloomberg News.

In addition to installation and configuration of all the audiovisual equipment, LMG designed the AV control systems and user interfaces for Heavener Hall.

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