Tim Rockett

It’s not every day that someone decides to take a leap from the pharmaceutical industry to the wild and crazy world of Show Technology.

Tim Rockett defied the status quo and did just that. After helping a friend set up for an event, he quickly recognized that he had a different calling in life.

“After that first day on show site, I found myself surrounded with new, exciting challenges and thriving on the fast-paced environment,” says Tim.

Tim embraced his newly discovered passion and gained confidence in the industry as a freelancer, which quickly prompted him to take his skills in-house as a show tech for LMG. Today, Tim leads LMG’s relationship with Nashville’s Music City Center as Account Executive. Working at LMG gives Tim the opportunity to continuously develop his appreciation for the industry. He explains, “If you are not passionate about your work, then why do it?” He became aware he wasn’t the only one that shared this mindset after working with the LMG team during Superbowl XLVI.

“LMG is genuinely committed to helping employees excel in their careers. It brings a whole new meaning to ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ I love being part of the LMG team and I’m excited to see where the life of an AE takes me!”

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