Steven Scotch

Steven was working at a job unrelated to our industry when he realized it did not align with his goals or passions. From that point, he made the decision to leave his role and enroll at Full Sail University. Upon graduating with his degree in Recording Arts, Steven started working as a Freelance Technician, when he was introduced to LMG.
Steven joined LMG as a member of the floor team and was quickly promoted to Quality Control Technician working on the Audio team and then the LED team. Steven’s hand-on knowledge of the entire LMG process, combined with his technical skills from Full Sail, allowed him to work his way up the department. He is now leading the LED Quality Control team.
Steven leads the LED team in planning and forecasting for upcoming shows and events, to ensure that all LED gear is QC’d, packed, and prepped so when it arrives on show site, we know it’s perfect. “A lot of my job is forecasting for the future, improving the packaging of gear, and striving to streamline the quality control process. We are always looking ahead and planning for the future.”

At LMG, Steven has found a role that fits his passion and allows him to continuously improve. He says, “As a whole, we have a ton of knowledge and skills that we are open to sharing. Our culture here at LMG is designed to guide and grow our employees. To teach them to be the best. It is because of this culture that I have grown so much.”

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