Shawn Nguyen

Shawn Nguyen began his career with LMG as a cable technician, where he got to learn the foundations of what we do. His drive and work ethic were not unnoticed and within his first year he was approached to move into the Transfers & Returns Coordinator role.
With Transfers & Returns, Shawn got the opportunity to work with our Operations Teams, Account Executives, and Show Technicians to see how a show evolves from concept to execution. This experience inspired Shawn’s goal to become a Show Technician.
To help gain the technical knowledge Shawn would need to become a Show Technician, he enrolled in the CoiLUp program through The CoiL Learning Center. This intensive technical internship gave Shawn hands-on, real world experience in live Audio, Video, Lighting, and LED production. Through his time in each discipline Shawn learned that he loved the rapidly evolving technology that LED offered and made the choice to pursue LED as a career path. “I love the different projects we get to do and all the creative ways we can use LED to bring our clients’ visions to life,” he says.

When Shawn is not on a show, he works as the LED Quality Control Lead, where he ensures that every pixel in LMG’s inventory is perfect and show-ready!

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