Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell’s interest in the live events industry came from his early film production background. “My passion after I left the military was film production, director of photography, lighting on location and on scene travel.” He was introduced to LMG when he saw a couple of LMG employees putting a show together at the World Wide of Sports where he worked at. “I said, ‘that’s kind of close to what I went to school for.’ I put my eyes on the company for a year, put in my application and haven’t looked back since.”

In 2011, Scott began by working as the Inventory Control Supervisor; which consisted of processing and shooting orders and loading trucks. Scott evolved to Project Coordinator, then Operations Floor Manager. His current role involves managing the floor team, transportation team, shipping and receiving teams, and the day to day assignments involving inventory.

Starting off as a novice in the audio visual industry, Scott reflects on his progress at LMG. “When I started I was stepping into a new Industry, coming from a film production background to the audiovisual world and getting to the speed of this environment was a big evolvement.”

Since working at LMG, Scott has been inspired to make changes for employees within the company. “With my previous experience in inventory and bits and pieces of other roles, being able to understand how to make the operations department better is important to me.” He adds, “my goal is to maintain a positive work environment that keeps employees consistently challenged, both to grow in their professional career path and personal interests in the A/V industry.”

Throughout his career, his proudest accomplishments at LMG has been stepping into his management role. “A big accomplishment for me was when I was hired as the floor manager. It was a big moment for me because it meant I was doing something right.”

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