Ricky Magloire

Before joining the LMG team, Ricky Magloire was an electrician in the construction industry for over 30 years.  Ricky met an LMG Systems Integration Project Manager while working on a mutual project who saw value in his expertise. “I really wasn’t looking for this opportunity, LMG has used my other expertise in order to put me on the pedestal where I am right now, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to show what I’m capable of,” explains Ricky.

Ricky started in 2014 and found himself moving up the career ladder from part-time to full-time AV Foreman Level 1. “My journey has been very brisk, but it has been very rewarding.” He adds, “I’ve shown LMG that I am here as a member of the team to do whatever, wherever.”

As a field technician in the Systems Integration division, Ricky finds that each day on the job brings something new and exciting. “Every job is so different; it doesn’t get dull or boring. Everyday I’m traveling to see different people in different places.”

Ricky’s proudest achievement at LMG has been the speed at which he moved into his current role. “My crowing moment was being recognized,” he explains. “I still can’t believe in such a short time someone can recognize your ability and reward you for it.”

His main motivator is passion. “It’s only when you give passion in what you do, that you can see the results of all your good effort.” Ricky attributes the passion he has for the company from the passion he sees in LMG’s CEO, Les Goldberg. “30 plus years later and he still has passion. In order to be successful, you have to have passion.”

Unity is a word Ricky uses to describe company culture. “LMG is creating a culture of hominess. Everyone I have met embraces me and it shows me that each individual is important.” He adds, “I can walk around the warehouse and find people who treat me like family.”

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