Phil Jahnke

“I showed up to LMG with a backwards hat and an eagerness to learn the technical ins and outs of the entertainment industry,” Phil Jahnke mentioned as he reminisced about his first day on the job back in 2014.

Holding a degree in studio engineering and recording, Phil continued to say “My love for music and live entertainment runs deep. I feel extremely fortunate that I found a way to collide my career with my passions.”

Phil joined the team as a quality control technician, setting the pace the for the high-quality workmanship LMG is known for. As part of the quality control team, Phil traveled the country assisting with shows of all sizes.

Today, Phil keeps busy in the Seattle office as a dedicated Audio Technician.

“Whether we are busy prepping a show, on-site for show support, or busy sending out transfers, I feel that each day has new and exciting challenges waiting for me. It’s been one heck-uva ride and I wouldn’t change it for anything!”

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