Oscar Sturup

A lover of music and a musician himself, Oscar Sturup knew making it in a band was not the route he wanted to take, but oddly enough had a love for physics, math, chemistry and anything related to science. “Audio Engineering was a bridge between my two passions, music entertainment and science.” He jokes, “When it comes to putting a system together you have to know the physics of sound, how the environment affects it combined with some math, which is exciting, nerdy stuff.”

Oscar joined LMG as an Audio Technician in 2012 and quickly found himself surrounded by a department willing to foster growth. “The Audio Department provided me with all the training and tools I needed to learn. I did have to do all the work, study and persevere to get better.” Starting off with little freelance experience, Oscar fell in love with the unique position as a Technician. “It’s very unique. You can go to a random state in a blank ballroom and you have to make it happen, make it sound good,” explains Oscar. “Planning starts from the ground up and backed by LMG’s support and greatest and latest, I knew I had a really good job.”

In three short years, Oscar has propelled his professional growth at LMG. He began by traveling as an Audio Technician which evolved quickly to Manager of the Audio Department. His role includes day-to-day management, working with account executives, equipment logistics and labor logistics. “When an Account Executive needs assistance from a technical side I revert back to my Technician days, thinking through all the parts needed to build an audio system from the ground up. I make sure they are prepared with the gear and staff for the event.”

For Oscar, his greatest achievement has been successfully deploying multiple, large format shows during the busy seasons. “Thanks to the all the people that I work with, we have been able to accomplish the seemingly impossible and pull off sizeable and demanding shows at the same time.”

Striving for excellence is how Oscar describes LMG’s culture. “I love the fact that we strive for top notch quality shows. That’s how I walked into this culture of being the best at every single point.” His advice to new employees is to always be the best. “Everything we do has to be at the highest standards. That’s the culture I walked into and that’s what I want to pass down to others.”

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