Marianne Spindel

As a little girl, Marianne Spindel remembered being fascinated by the lights and scenery of Mexico City’s famed Opera House. Now, as a labor scheduler for LMG Touring, she can’t help but feel humbled that her career allows her to be a part of the “magic that makes up live entertainment productions.”

“LMG has become something of a haven to me. Little did I know how quickly my colleagues would turn into second family,” explains Marianne.

Since joining LMG, she feels both empowered and encouraged by her peers to find new and exciting ways to apply her growing skills.

Marianne also finds herself consistently inspired by the passion and dedication of her team.

“Working with an incredible little team of people within a larger team of amazing, intelligent people makes every day an exciting one. No matter what, there is always someone to help tackle the next challenge with a smile or celebrate accomplishments.”

Looking forward to the future, Marianne is eager to see the Touring division grow and expand. Her goal is to train, lead and manage a next-generation team of passionate touring labor coordinators.

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