LMG Becomes an Authorized Training Center for L-Acoustics

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, LMG is pleased to announce the accomplishment of becoming an authorized training center (ATC) for L-Acoustics. The ATC program provides L-Acoustics Level 1 training that teaches fundamental knowledge and practical methods for the configuration and operation of L-Acoustics systems. As an L-Acoustics ATC, LMG has the flexibility of scheduling the dates and locations of the sessions, in turn offering training opportunities that are convenient for employees.

Continuous Improvement

At LMG, we believe in the importance of developing our employees and continuing to sharpen their skills. “Becoming an ATC for L-Acoustics is a huge accomplishment for LMG,” states Shane Smith our Director of Audio Services. “Since we can be flexible with when and where these trainings are facilitated, we can fully commit to making sure our employees have access to the most current knowledge, which in turn, results in seamless audio show support.” And with the ability to take these trainings on the road to all LMG locations, we eliminate the need for employees to travel to training centers. There are multiple training sessions scheduled throughout the year.

About L-Acoustics

L-Acoustics focuses its research in the fields of innovation and science and is known best for inventing modern line source arrays. Training on L-Acoustics systems are offered at their facilities or through ATC’s like LMG.

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