Sufjan Stevens electrifies the California Desert

Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens first came to recognition with his album, A Sun Came. In 2005 Sufan’s album, Illinois, hit number one on the Billboard Top Heatseekers charts, for his single, Chicago. LMG Touring provided audio, video, and lighting for his shows at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The Detroit native’s vision for his performances were inspired by his work, both musically and visually. “Sufjan shot some of the footage we use,” says, Lighting Designer, Christian Lincoln. “It’s a show that needs to be seen to be understood.”

LMG Touring provided a variety of lights to match Sufjan’s distinct performance. “We used a variety of fixtures so that every song would have a different and unique feel. Sufjan’s music can go from a beautiful ballad to all out chaos in just a few notes,” states Sufjan Steven’s Lighting Director, Christian Lincoln. “We needed lights to match, fixtures like the Quantum Wash are very powerful and versatile. We can jump between a wash fixture with incredible zoom and Aura effects to an Aerial light show with lots of beams.”


Mirror Balls are a constant element in a Sufjan show. “In order to get the right punch out of them we turned to Robe Pointes. Another versatile fixture that can jump between the newly classic tight beam, high intensity look and a regular spot fixture,” states Lincoln.  “The Mac Auras we used for side light matched the video content color perfectly.”

The Hog4 Full Boar lighting console was used to create a unique experience for Sufjan and his fans. “Lighting and video need to work together for this show. The Hog4 allows me to import video content from the show and map it across any fixtures I want. Since video is such an important part of this tour I wanted to make sure that my lighting best reflected the video,” states Lincoln. He adds, “I wanted it to be an extension of the content on screen. Updating house fixtures show to show is very streamlined. The Hog4 console also has a robust networking capabilities and I can tap into any guest system with out issue.”

To deliver a dynamic experience, LMG’s 8MM LED tiles were chosen, “the 8MM pitch was suggested due to the quality and resolution of the image, we needed to work with what we were attempting to achieve, which was highly graphical and psychedelic show, mixed live and affected live by the movement of the band and dancers,” Designer, Ed Warren explains.

“LMG has been there from the start,” states Lincoln. “Their attention to detail, ability to work in budget, and quality of team members is the reason we are able to build a show like this.”

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