Projection Mapping in the Church

Projection mapping, when used correctly, can be an extremely impactful tool in the church. Like all tech, it can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. As you start considering the use of projection mapping, we wanted to share our top tips to consider:

Start with the “Why?” first. Too often we employ technology just for the sake of doing it. Without a proper understanding of the purpose behind projection mapping, it very quickly can become more of a distraction and less of an asset.

Start simple. Projection mapping can take some time to fully wrap your arms around so start small. Start with simple shapes and content to ensure a proper mastery of the system. Once you feel confident on the set-up and operation, go for it. Try new things and see what happens. Just make sure your creativity is always pointed back to tip #1.

Make it an Experience. Projection mapping on its own can be a cool technology, but couple it with an audio track and lighting cues and now you have an immersive experience. Provide depth to the experience and those experiencing it will feel like a participant instead of a spectator.

For more insider tips on how to best utilize projection mapping in the church, watch our recent Facebook Live video. If you are on staff or a volunteer in a church and want to join our online community, head over to our Facebook page to check us out. #technologyinspires

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