Our Future is Not Mutually Exclusive

By: Rich Tate, Managing Director, Show Services


Rich Tate

We are all working to rebuild and provide solutions for events both now and in the future. I have had countless conversations with colleagues and clients about our future and how these virtual events will affect event production moving forward. There is a belief that virtual events will replace or overtake live events, and it is growing. I would like to dispel that belief and offer up a different opinion on what the future holds.

Live events will be back, and while they may be different than they were even a few months ago, we shouldn’t approach them any differently than we always have. In fact, we should seize the opportunity and augment our live event offerings by applying our tried-and-true virtual solutions along with what we have learned in the last few weeks. We have been able to innovate and expand what is possible, which will give you and your clients even more options moving forward. Virtual Solutions are now an enhancement to a traditional experience, opening doors to brand new possibilities. These additional offerings that are being deployed right now are not the future exclusively, but they are certainly part of it.

We need to continue to tell a story and give attendees a rich and vibrant experience,
whether they are there in person or halfway around the world. These technologies can bring people together and add meaningful interactions for every attendee no matter where they are. Let’s continue to push the limits of what can be done and refuse to let this hinder our creativity.

I have a concrete example. We just supported a fully remote, online event that was initially going to be a live event in Paris for 1,000 people. The online event was highly produced, well thought out, and provided a meaningful and interactive experience for their attendees, which topped out at 42,000 unique viewers. Think about what can happen when a live event and a virtual event team up, with the potential to reaching thousands of individuals in person and online?

As we move on, we must put health and safety first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean we must settle for less. Do not allow virtual solutions to replace live events; allow them to enhance and expand live events. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Why not both? Our future is not mutually exclusive as long as we embrace the fact that we can and should put on a show and leverage our creativity and innovation to make things better for our industry. Be creatively brave!


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