LMG Touring Shows Innovative Solutions from Train’s “Play That Song” Tour

LMG Touring joined Train as they made appearances across North America with their 2017 “Play that Song” tour. Spanning over 45 dates, covering a mix of amphitheaters and arenas, LMG Touring provided flexible audio, video and lighting solutions that gave an impressive look while scaling across multiple size venues and still fitting into only four trucks.

A large orange and black Wurlitzer jukebox was the inspiration behind the stage design. Designer Robb Jibson decided to transform this motive into a large video element. Jibson said “I didn’t want to create a jukebox exactly, but a stylistic take on it.”

LMG Touring worked with Jibson to create two large curved video elements using Tyler GT Truss with custom linkage bars at varying degrees. Upon being lifted into place, the truss settled into the correct geometry of the arch. A total of 34 ROE 25mm Vanish tiles interspersed with 36 Martin Sceptrons brought the jukebox look to life.

To keep up with the demands of a tight load in and load out schedule, LMG Touring created custom “quick release” brackets for the 25mm ROE Vanish tiles that enabled the arches to deploy quickly. The set pieces were lit with Solaris Flares outfitted with Kasmer diffusers to help soften and even out the light on the set pieces.

The camera package included a Ross Carbonite Video switcher with Grass Valley cameras displayed on more than 250 ROE LED panels of varying screen resolutions. Roughly 170 ROE 7.5mm were used while behind the band, 100 ROE 18mm hybrid tiles were mounted on custom set carts to give the set piece texture. Interactive video content was controlled by a D3 media server. Real-time video effects were created with Notch.

Lighting control was via GrandMA2 lighting consoles with a Follow Me automated spotlight system to keep up with lead singer Patrick Monahan throughout the 17-song set list. Backstage spot operators were able to control ten BMFLs as follow-spots via a spy camera video feed while still giving the LD full creative control of the fixtures.

To deliver the sound of this San Francisco American pop rock band to their massive fan base, LMG Touring brought in more than 60 L-Acoustics K1 and K2 speaker clusters and SB28 subwoofers. The SSL Live 500 audio consoles handled duties at FOH and MON positions.


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