LMG Touring Lit up the Winter with Lindsey Stirling’s Wanderland Tour

ORLANDO, FL – LMG Touring hit the road with Lindsey Stirling on her 24-stop holiday tour, staring in Reno and concluding in South Carolina.

Planning for this tour began while set designer Alec Spear and lighting designer Andy Nissley were on the road for Stirling’s summer tour, so the team partnered early on with LMG to ensure the planning and prep went off without a hitch. The set was built out in LMG’s Orlando rehearsal space, with Spear and Nissley relying heavily on LMG for lighting and video.

“LMG has been an invaluable partner in all of Lindsey’s tours for the last 5+ years,” Spear stated. “We work directly with LMG for all of our video and lighting needs, and their expertise and willingness to make things work for us has been invaluable in realizing our designs and keeping the tours running smoothly.”

Building upon the prior year’s Christmas tour, Spear and Nissley were asked to kick things up a notch to accommodate many larger venues that the Wanderland tour was stopping at. LMG brought in Disguise D3 4×4 media servers to drive video content to two 9’ x 18’ and three 12’ x 18’ FLED 11mm LED screens. To create dynamic lighting while still providing the flexibility needed, an extensive lighting rig was creating, including 30 spot Robe MegaPointes. With a set ranging from acoustic violin to full-on EDM songs with a full band and six dancers, versatility was a key consideration.

“This was one of Lindsey Stirling’s biggest productions yet, and it all came together very smoothly,” explained Craig Mitchell, LMG’s director of touring. “She is so talented and has a great production team. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”


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