LMG Touring Joins Forces with G-Eazy and Logic for The Endless Summer Tour

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II and Gerald Earl Gillum, also known as G-Eazy and Logic are co-headlining The Endless Summer Tour. The tour featuring YG, Yo Gotti, and special guests kicks off June 28th at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas and will include performances in Los Angeles, Nashville, Philadelphia, and many cities across the US. LMG Touring is providing lighting, video switching, camera packages, and technical support for G-Eazy and Logic.

Sooner Routhier, G-Eazy’s Production Designer developed the design concept for G-Eazy’s set, which is inspired by his classic and timeless style on and off the stage. “I was given a number of directions when putting together the preliminary design concepts for the tour. It ran the gamut of modern, clean silhouettes to 1980’s/early 90’s video distortion and film grain. It was challenging to find a happy medium between the two, but I believe we were able to achieve a cohesive look in the end,” explains Routhier.

“We wanted to make sure that we had massive lighting looks that are clean and efficient. The lighting key on the plot has only 4 or 5 types of fixtures. Just large amounts of them,” states Routhier.  “It allows us to have clean air space with beams and color. So, when you turn on all the lights above the stage, there aren’t different types of beams contrasting one another. They all have the same zoom, the same color. It’s a very clean look.”

The Under Pressure rapper, Logic incorporates his ever growing fan base as the inspiration behind his set. “This is a large co-headlining tour, so this particular tour really helps us expand his fan base,” states Chad Fellers-Doughty, Video Designer for Logic. “He has new music out, so it also allows him to go out and play it live for all of his fans.” The peace, love, and tranquility message Logic pitches to his audience makes him a unique rapper in hip-hop.

The all-star rap tour features 568 lighting fixtures including the Robe Pointe, SL Nitro, Elation 360i, Mythos, Wash Vari Lite, and Robe Cycfx. “We use most of the features in the mythos so that the lights look different in most of the songs.  There is also a large amount of the same types of fixtures,” says Routhier. “By turning on only certain groups of lights in each song, you create different shapes. The Elation 360i wall upstage allows us to create EDM style looks for a few songs as well as soft texture for the slower, more mellow tunes.”

GEazy5Photo Credit: Craig Mitchell

When choosing fixtures, it was important to be mindful of the different venues Logic would be performing at. “Since the majority of our shows are during the twilight hours in outdoor amphitheaters, we had to make a conscious decision when choosing the fixture types,”states Ryan Alexander, Lighting Designer for Logic. “We needed the fixtures to be able to be seen with some sunlight still present, so we decided to go with Robe Pointes and Phillip Nitro 510c’s.”

LMG Touring’s lighting console, GrandMA2 was chosen for the power, reliability, and creativity it brings to the tour. “The GrandMA2 is the only console I program on. I’ve been on a GrandMA for well over 10 years now. There’s no need to switch,” explains Routhier. “It is the most powerful and intuitive lighting console available, which made it an easy choice for us,” states Alexander.

LMG Touring and the production team worked closely together to capture the energy and intensity for G-Eazy and Logic.

“LMG did an amazing job of making our lighting dreams come true on this one. We have an incredible lighting package on the tour that allows us to create massive looks as well as stripped down, emotional moments,” recaps, Routhier. “They also provided us with a top notch lighting staff. We’re extremely happy with how quick and efficient the lighting team is.”

“Given the short time frame, LMG did an excellent job facilitating the lighting fixtures, and developing the system diagrams needed to ensure a successful tour,” explains Fellers-Doughty.

Unknown-13Photo Credit: Chad Fellers-Doughty

“This is an impressive show and it’s been a great design team to work with,” recaps, LMG’s Director of Touring, Craig Mitchell. “While it was a very short timeline to prep, our crew did an amazing job pulling it all together.  Sooner is a very talented designer and it really comes across during the show.”

“This is a very well thought out show that really brings an array of emotions and feelings as the set develops. The team did a really good job of using the lighting to portray those feelings making you feel like you took a trip back in time,” states LMG Touring’s Account Executive, Jimmy Russo. “They also packaged this show making it look massive but still able to change over a short amount of time. We have a solid crew on this tour that has put together a solid package that travels and breaks down in a smart well though out manner.”

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