LMG Touring Hits the Road with Dillon Francis

ORLANDO, FL – Feb. 13, 2019 – LMG Touring joined Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland on their 2019 co-headlining Lost My Mind tour that spans 15 cities and runs through February 2019. 

Tour manager Mike Finn and lead stage designer Eric Mahowald worked closely with Francis to create a set that allowed for multiple, unique “worlds” for the audience to experience. LMG was called upon to turn this dynamic vision into an adaptable rig that can scale across multiple venue sizes.  

Video director Mario Adato utilized three video surfaces – a main content video wall, a three-sided DJ booth riser video wall and two rectangles of Martin Sceptron LED strips – to create unique content that changed drastically for each song. To complement the video content, a high impact lighting rig was constructed with fixtures that had multiple functionalities and the ability to scale between multiple variations depending on venue size. 

Utilizing the Martin Axiom as the workhorse fixture, the team paired them with star gobos, Mac Auras, JDC-1s and Magic Panels to create impressive looks that complimented each part of the set in a unique way and keeping the vision of each world easily accessible.  

“Working with LMG provides us with access to the best and newest gear in the market with round-the-clock support and access to industry-leading experts in their respective fields,” Adato said. “In our very fast-paced and ever-changing world of electronic dance music, it’s vital to have the ability to quickly adapt to different production changes and LMG goes above and beyond the status quo to make sure our equipment is working flawlessly and helps us execute the best show we possibly can every single night.”  

“We have worked with Dillon Francis and his team for many years now. For this tour, we focused on a well-designed tour pack that takes up limited truck space and scales easy in different size venues, from hanging the upstage screen to ground supporting it,” said Craig Mitchell, LMG’s director of touring. “Erik & Mario did a great job on the design and programming as the show looks much bigger than it actually is and the content and lighting work together seamlessly.”  

Tour Crew:
Stage Design: Erik Mahowald (Bending Lite Productions) 
Lighting Programmer/Operator: Erik Mahowald 
Video Director and VJ: Mario Adato 
LX Crew Chief: Shelly LaBerge 
LX Second: Joel Hernke 
LED LEAD: Charles Signaigo
LED: Andrew Jablon 
Tour Manager: Mike Finn
Production Manager: Charlie Bybee
Stage Manager: Nathan Rebolledo 

About LMG: Founded in 1984, LMG is divided into three business segments – show technology, systems integration, and touring – each with a common mission of providing innovative video, audio and lighting solutions, and technical expertise through personalized service, high-quality technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement. LMG has offices in Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas, Nashville, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.lmg.net 

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