LMG Touring Brings a Fresh Take to Adam Sandler’s Netflix Special

ORLANDO, FL – Nov. 8, 2018 – LMG Touring hit the road with Adam Sandler and Netflix on his multi-stop 100% Fresh tour. In a show that took Sandler back to his comedic roots, LMG was called upon to provide a set that dynamically linked lighting, structure, rigging, and video to support the multiple styles of the show: an intimate comedy vibe, classy and elegant, or transition quickly into a big rock show. 

Production and lighting designer Marc Janowitz were tasked with creating a unique design experience for theaters, sheds, and arenas that stood out from a traditional club show. “LMG was a natural choice for us to work with, able to quickly acquire a substantial inventory of very specifically chosen lighting fixtures to create the set,” Janowitz said.  

The set, designed to not only provide a memorable live experience but to work well on camera, was built around an arched wall of lights featuring Elation DTW1000 bars and supplemented by VL3000s and Robe Mega Pointes in staggered height arrays that followed the various contours and curves of the set. To make the most out of varying stage sizes, an automated Roe 5mm screen was brought in to retract when not in use and a FollowMe Spotlight system kept the focus on Sandler as he made full use of the stage area.  

Adam Sandler LMG Touring

To ensure the set was meeting their exact needs, Janowitz and team utilized LMG’s Orlando rehearsal space.

Having the ability to set up, prep and program on the premises of the shop were critically important on this project,” Janowitz said. “It gave us a nexus point for all of the different pieces of the puzzle and gave fast and immediate access to any pieces and parts that we needed in real-time. 

There was a very short timeline on this project from confirmation to first load in and we were able to pull it together very quickly. The multi-city tour went from club size rooms to arenas, and our LMG Touring crew did a great job scaling the rig for each venue,” explained Craig Mitchell, LMG’s director of touring. “I have worked with Marc on several different projects and he is a pleasure to work with and the results are always stunning.” 

About LMG: Founded in 1984, LMG is divided into three business segments – show technology, systems integration, and touring – each with a common mission of providing innovative video, audio and lighting solutions, and technical expertise through personalized service, high-quality technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement. LMG has offices in Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas, Nashville, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.lmg.net 

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