LMG Announces Systems Innovation, an evolution of the current Systems Integration division

ORLANDO, FLLMG, a national provider of video, audio, lighting, and LED support based in Orlando, FL, is excited to announce Systems Innovation, the evolution of the current Systems Integration business unit. In addition to providing AV technology solutions for the higher education, corporate and house of worship sectors, the new focus will be to provide technology installation and solutions for more customized spaces.

To meet clients’ needs for more than the standard installation, LMG saw the opportunity to create and provide more advanced technological installations that are more interactive and immersive. “Clients are looking for more innovative solutions, wanting to create experiences for customers and employees alike,” said Neil Morrison, Executive Vice President of Systems Innovation. “By thinking outside the box, we are able to deliver inventive solutions to some of our client’s biggest challenges – the why, not just the what.”

Based out of Orlando with offices in Nashville, Silicon Valley and London, Systems Innovation has renewed its focus on research and development. By going beyond the standard tech and gear, Systems Innovation is dedicated to simplifying all phases of a project:
• Concept Ideation – the definition, design and development of innovative solutions
• Activation – the installation, engineering, quality assurance and safety of equipment and systems
• Support – providing both remote and onsite support capabilities with BrainBox team

In addition, the Systems Innovation division includes a newly built 5,000 sq. ft. digital garage, which provides a dedicated, state-of-the-art area where technicians are able to assemble and test all portions of a job to ensure solutions are working properly and ready to go.

“Investing in Systems Innovation is a no brainer for us,” said Les Goldberg, Founder and CEO of LMG. “We have experienced tremendous growth in this area and expect this trend to continue well into the future.”

About Systems Innovation: Systems Innovation customizes and delivers immersive atmospheres with experiential impact through permanent installations. For more information, visit lmgsi.net.

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