5 Ways In-House AV with LMG is Different

Did you know that many major convention centers in the U.S. offer an in-house AV provider? AV companies participate in a lengthy and thorough bidding process to win these prestigious contracts, which can run for multiple years.

LMG is proud to be the in-house, preferred AV partner for many of the major convention centers in the U.S., including:

  • Orange County Convention Center: Orlando, FL
  • Music City Center: Nashville, TN
  • Washington State Convention Center: Seattle, WA
  • San Jose McEnery Convention Center: San Jose, CA

As the in-house AV provider, LMG provides a variety of benefits for clients hosting events at a convention center, including in-depth knowledge of the buildings, onsite convenience, special discounts and savings, and much more.

Here are five ways in-house AV with LMG is different:

Top-Notch Technical Staff

The LMG convention center teams are competent, flexible, passionate, and responsive, and are always onsite for business hours to make your show a success. The LMG team works closely with the convention center staff to make sure every detail is covered. As a proactive, collaborative partner, the LMG team has the expertise and connections to take your event to the next level. The knowledgeable technicians and sales staff at each center are there to walk you through the technical process and answer any questions you have.

Site Connections & Knowledge

Our LMG convention center teams have an in-depth knowledge of the buildings and premises, including loading docks, and how to access them. Our staff can often provide you with early or late access if necessary and make it easy to navigate the convention center. Many times, using an outside AV provider can cost both time and money without these connections and knowledge.

Discounts & Savings

As the in-house AV provider, LMG can often offer complimentary items, waived fees and discounts on video, audio and lighting. When selecting LMG as the in-house, preferred AV partner for their event, clients enjoy no freight charges from local depots and special rates for multi-year contracts.

Transparent Pricing

LMG offers an array of convention center AV packages for in-person, virtual and hybrid events. All of our packages have transparent, upfront pricing and no backend service charges.

Support of a Global Network

With access to a $150+ million inventory as well as global locations and warehouses across the U.S., LMG has fully functioning operations with full-time staff and unique equipment nearby to support your next show. Last-minute requests are easily handed with our 24/7 technical resources department, and our local offices are just a phone call away.

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