LMG Freelance Technician Guidelines

General Information

On every show, one LMG, Inc. crew member is designated as “report technician”.  The report technician is the LMG representative who works directly with our client and is ultimately responsible for all decisions and actions on site.  The report technician must be aware of any discussions you have with our client concerning the show.  While on site, crew members will receive all instructions and call times from the LMG report technician.  At the end of the show, you must confirm your hours with the LMG report technician.

Call Times

Technicians are advised to arrive on show site approximately fifteen minutes prior to given call time to ensure the proper location/ballroom and to identify the LMG report technician.  However, billable time does not begin until the actual client call time.

Billing Information – Direct Billing

In order to bill LMG Technical Services LLC direct for your services you will need to provide documents such as W-9, ACH information, and Certificates of Insurance showing General Liability and Worker’s Compensation. We do not accept Worker’s Comp waivers from any state. Washington residents will be required to show proof of an account with Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Workers’ Comp Insurance. Please email invoicelabor@etpbrahinhub.net for details.


Additional Direct Billing Information:

      • LMG pays NET 30
      • Send all invoices within 48 hours of the event’s last strike date. Payment is not guaranteed for expenses and invoices submitted past the 48 hour deadline.
      • Send your invoice to invoicelabor@etpbrahinhub.net
      • All labor invoices should be billed to LMG Technical Services, LLC.
      • All invoices must have the word Invoice on them.
      • All invoices must have an invoice number. Please do not use our PO or Project Number as your Invoice Number.
      • All invoices must have the reference number we give you. (Project Number)
      • All invoices must have an invoice date. The invoice date cannot be sooner than the last day you worked. If there is not an invoice date we will assign the date we receive the invoice as the Invoice Date.
      • All hours must be itemized. Our clients expect to see each tech’s ST and OT hours by date.
      • All expenses must have a receipt. All receipts should be sent in a pdf format. Please, no unconverted photos.
      • Any equipment charges must be on a separate invoice and the invoice should be billed to LMG, LLC.

Billing Information – Pay Agent (MertzCrew, etc)

There are companies LMG Technical Services works with that offer pay agency for technicians. They will provide insurance to cover you. Other details will vary by company. For more information please contact TRC@etpbrainhub.net or invoicelabor@etpbrahinhub.net. If you are paid through any of these companies you will need to adhere to their process rules but also LMG Technical Service’s requirement of submitting your information within 48 hours of the strike date.

Call-Time Changes

Due to the nature of our business, call times can change quite often.  Every effort will be made to notify technicians of any changes prior to call time.  However, it is the responsibility of the freelance technicians to provide a reliable means of contact.


Dress codes vary from show to show. Casual dress such as jeans, golf and T-shirts, and sneakers is acceptable during set-up, strike and most rehearsals.  Clothing with offensive, inappropriate designs, stamps or other company’s logos, including your own are not allowed. During the show, minimum dress for men and women will be cotton pants and button-down or polo shirts.  For General Sessions and Meal Functions, coat and tie for men and dress slacks and blouse for women may be required. Please check with the show scheduler and/or the crew lead as to the attire needed for each call.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is allowed only in the facility’s designated smoking areas.  Smoking is not permitted in the back-stage area or around the equipment.


During the term of your employment you agree not to solicit any employee or independent contractor of the Company, or Clients on behalf of any other business including your own.


Social Media

Due to the confidentiality agreements in place between you, the Company and the Client, please be advised that you cannot make mention by name or post photos or videos of any events on any social media sites. We require you to adhere to our confidentiality policies at all times.

In situations where we are allowed to post content about events online or on social media, permission to post must be granted by a designated Company representative or directly by the Client. Avoid any defamatory, offensive or derogatory content.


Cancellation Policy

If a technician hired by LMG is cancelled off of a project within 24 hours of their first call time, LMG will pay the amount equal to the first days’ call duration. If a technician hired by LMG is cancelled after they have already started work but before the end of the project, LMG will pay the amount equal to the next days’ call duration. Payment of any applicable fees will not apply in the event that a technician hired by LMG is removed from a show including, misconduct, failure to execute the expected scope of work or other negative circumstance without limitation.


  1. The use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs during “on-call” hours or breaks is strictly prohibited.
  2. It is never acceptable to wear flip-flops or sandals, torn T-shirts, or torn jeans.
  3. Never wear apparel with logos from competitors of LMG, Inc., competitors of the Company, Client or competitors of the attendees.


    Afterhours Emergency Line: 407.852.4326

    Invoices: invoicelabor@etpbrahinhub.net


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